Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sundays in My City--The Ndola Edition

Unknown Mami

I've decided to take part in this fun world tour on some Sundays. I'll still be writing about our kids one at a time on Sundays as well so I'll try to alternate. I found Mami through SITS and she invited me to link up to her Sundays in My City posts.
It is fun to take a virtual world tour each weekend.
My pictures are from last weekend when I was in Ndola. A couple that I've known for years were throwing a goodbye party for their oldest son. They invited dozens of families and I was able to catch up with many old and dear friends who I hadn't seen for years.

This family has been working really hard to start a farm and have been such good examples of believing God's promise for your life and not giving up at the first difficulty or the hundredth in their case. 

When we first moved up here to build the orphanage and encountered so many obstacles, remembering this sweet couple and their unerring faith helped to keep me going.

Anyway, on to the photos:

I loved this entry way. I would like to copy the design for our property

My friend is going to be opening a restaurant to help supplement their farm income--she's a great cook. This will be the dining room.
It was a gorgeous day for sitting outside and having a barbeque or braii as they call it here.
Getting a chance to chat with friends old and new was exquisite!

I was so proud of Troy (he's on the far left--you can just see his head peeping out) for being bold enough to hang out with the big boys and make his own new friends.
I have to say too that the young man who was leaving home for the first time and for whom the party was being thrown was the perfect host. (He's the one in the hat) He greeted each guest individually and made sure that everyone was having a good time and was included. He was a big reason why Troy felt comfortable to be with the older boys. It really showed that he had been raised by good parents.

This is one of two ponds on the farm which are being used for raising bream. I wouldn't have wanted to swim with the fishes but the kids had no problem with it at all.

That's my 'City'. To see more pictures from around the world visit Sundays in My City and link up if you want to play along.


  1. Oh wow now I need to go back and read everything I can about your life here..What an amazing life you have!!

  2. Amazing pictures for an amazing life- you must have so many stories to tell!

  3. Nice to have a new face to Sunday in my city. I have never been to Africa...can't wait to see more.Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Great pictures!! I love that entryway too....gorgeous!

    The pond is nice, but I don't think I would be able to swim in it either =)

  5. I probably would have skipped swimming in the pond as well.
    Great pictures and sharing.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  6. Wow. Your friend is very adventurous! What a great idea. I hope her restaurant does well! Best of luck to her : ) Welcome to Sundays in my City.

  7. Welcome to sundays in my city. I love your photos. adventorous to say the least. happy sunday

  8. That is beautiful! Thanks for the invite.

  9. Amy, this is a wonderful post which I appreciate very much. I have never had an insight into living in Africa and feel that I will hang onto your every word.

    As nice as that entry way is, I feel that with a bit of thought you could come up with a design equally as nice. I do like the design of that dining room! I suspect it keeps the sun out and lets the air circulate freely.

    The way you describe Troy (the young host) is with much respect, admiration and affection. I like that.

    I am so glad you have joined in with Sunday in the City, and I look forward to reading your post even if it is alternating with your profiles.

    All the best and take care.

  10. I'm so happy you did this. I love seeing where you live. That entryway is amazing.

  11. I liked the entryway... It might work better for you than the long one you have now.. the way it's designed, it looks like it would be really sturdy.

    That dining room looks so unique. The roof is really great-looking.

    Have any pictures of the dutch houses that have no corners?


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