Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sundays in My City--#2

The theme of today's post is things I'm going to miss over the next two months as I travel.

The kids were surprised that I included the dogs in this photo essay but they are a part of this home too.

Full disclosure: I'm not really going to miss this little guy. He steals fruit and eggs from my kitchen.

I'll miss all the kids so much....

their happy faces...
their little dances that are hard to capture on camera....

 their sleeping forms. I'll miss it all.

I'll miss my handsome husband as he teaches his classes. 
His love for and gift for teaching really comes through and I find it very sexy.

I'll miss my big kids and all their teenage loveliness...
...their cooking up new recipes (this was Reese's Pieces)...

...their quest for knowledge...

..their excitement over new things (like mustache hairs).

I'll miss the skies over Africa. The stormy ones full of drama, the sunny ones that look like the background for the Simpsons, and the sunsets that help you believe in God.

You knew I couldn't leave this one out. I'll miss his kissable cheeks and the giggle that makes it all worthwhile!

Unknown Mami
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  1. A different kind of life, what with dogs AND monkies! And I sure do love that sunset. Thanks for brightening up my day!

  2. Yeah, I can see where two months is going to seem like a very long time.

    Love all the pictures. I think you should make a picture book of life in Africa!

  3. These are great. Your love shines through these shots :) Love the whisker reference.

  4. the smiles on the childrens faces, just priceless.

  5. Wow, so different. Thank you for sharing your African Sunday. Be blessed! xxx
    PS: Thank you for visiting!

  6. Beautiful photos..I'd love to have the chance for a sweet face like that to come and steal fruit and eggs from my kitchen! You live a beautiful life for sure..

  7. Oh those sweet faces! I'm in love.

  8. Those gorgeous faces will be hard to leave!
    Safe travels and please keep us posted on your trip.

  9. Amy you are so blessed! And I know that everyone there will miss you as well!

  10. Wonderful shots. So different from my suburban life

  11. oohh...I love this!! Awesome pictures!

  12. A lovely and loving tribute to all you hold dear.

  13. That's a lot of beauty to miss: in the landscape and especially in those gorgeous faces.


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