Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prayers Needed

** Baby Peter has malaria and a bad cough. He's on all the right medicines but malaria is still pretty scary in little ones. Please pray he recovers quickly and that we can keep his fever down at night.

I want my goofy guy back.

** We are working hard on all our promotional materials for my upcoming trip. It's all going well but is not without it's challenges as we deal with the normal Africa life--yesterday we had more than a dozen power cuts. This makes it hard when you're trying to do computer work.

** I'm still trying to get all my paperwork organized so that things can run smoothly while I'm away for the next two months. I'm never quite on top of things as it is and this hectic time has not made it easy. 

** Tom is dealing with an issue in his 'male' area. You never want to let your mind go to the worst case scenario but it can be hard sometimes. He's on antibiotics now and we'll see a doctor when we go down to Lusaka for the flight out to the States.

**British Airways is on strike and of course, that is what I'm booked on with T.J. Please pray that they resolve their issues so that our trip is not delayed or messed up in any way. 

            Thanks for praying along with us on all of these things.

Tomorrow: How Africa makes makes us (some of us, anyway) really old fashioned.


  1. I'll be praying. Where all will you be visiting while in the states?

  2. I'll pray as well. Thanks for visiting my blog so I can come here and learn more about your life.

  3. I am praying for well babies and on time air travel!
    Oh! And Tom's wellness!


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