Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When The Saints Come Marching Home--The Remix

My internet connection has been troublesome. This may begin like the post with the same title but there is much more to see below.

Ok, I know this is a week or so late but I couldn't resist putting up these photos and bragging on my kids a bit.
 Holidays are pretty important to us because it helps to give us a connection to others around the world and our 'native' country. It is also a good reason to throw a party! We had friends in the States laugh because they said that our kids are sometimes more clued in to pop culture than they are. They had been chatting with us one day on Skype and our kids mentioned that they were excited about the Super Bowl and our friends thought "huh. Is that this Sunday?"

We plan a big party every year for the Super Bowl with lots of American goodies to eat and invite as many volunteers over as we can. Tom and I got back from Lusaka the day before the Super Bowl aired here and when I realized I had malaria my heart sunk. I hated to let my kids down but there was no way I could pull a party together with the way I was feeling. They assured me that they could do it all by themselves!

It was very interesting that while in years past we have had 6-15 people over for the fun this year only one couple RSVPd. At first we were a little bummed about that but afterward saw it was for the best. I am in the right photo--all bundled up against the malaria chills. That blanket would get tossed off when the chills turned to sweats and then pulled up again when the chills came back. But I did not miss out on the party!

Can you see the candles on the bookshelves? That wasn't for ambiance. We had a power cut all night and wanted to make sure the batteries lasted for the whole game.
Troy was so excited to cheer for the Saints. He dug into his dad's costume bag and came up with this. Did you know Tom used to be a clown?

For the last several years I have sucessfully cheered for the losing team. I was a little worried this year when I found out that not only me but all my family was rooting for The Saints. 

We can only watch the game about 18 hours after it shows in the U.S so we are careful not to watch TV, get on Facebook, check email or do anything that might reveal the score.
For this reason the kids couldn't get online to double check what the Saints logo looked like. This was their best guess. If it were a professional cake it would be fair game for Cake Wrecks.
 T.J and Jasmine made the dinner: Homemade Corn Dogs, refried beans and Spanish rice with cheese and sour cream. Troy and Timmy were responsible for the decorated chocolate cake. They all did a really good job!

We were all so excited when the Saints won!

I was and am so proud of the kids for pulling together this party and creating memories to last a lifetime!

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  1. What fun! (And I love your giraffes!)


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