Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Older Brothers--Who Needs 'Em?

We have a large dog. Harley is a Boerboel which is a South African breed in the Mastiff family. She is huge but a complete wimp. She's scared to death of the baby stroller, the Christmas tree, loud noises. Tom turned on the tractor a couple days ago and Harley ran into the house to crying to me.

Even though she is a complete wuss she is still pretty huge. She's as tall as the little kids and they have had trouble learning to get along with her. It doesn't help that the nannies are terrified of almost all animals. We've had to work hard with them about accepting animals and using knowledge and caution--rather than fear--to protect yourself.

The kids have made huge strides in learning to love and play with the dogs. Or we thought they had....

The other day all the kids were walking up to the dining room in a big group. Harley, excited about seeing so many playmates, galloped across the grass toward them. 

Johnny--3 years old

Johnny picked up little Moriah and held her up in front of him saying, "Here Harley...Moriah!"

Moriah--16 months old

Now, tell me, does this look like the face of a dog who would eat children?

That's a turkey bone--I promise!

I didn't have a big brother to torment me. I was the oldest so I did the tormenting.
What about you? What are your thoughts on big brothers?


  1. i have three older brothers and 4 younger brothers. You do need them but they would have fed me to the dog any chance they had...thier question was always, "sisters, who needs them?"

  2. Sacrificing the one to save the flock. Good 'ole Johnny.

    I might have the concept wrong, though.

  3. Hilarious! I love big dogs, especially wimpy big dogs. No brothers, just four sisters...we did enough fighting when younger, but they are my best friends forever!

  4. Oh, I can soooo picture that moment when Johnny made the "sacrafice"! Too funny!
    I honestly believe that teaching love and care of animals is one of the very best lessons you can give a child. What you are doing is wonderful!
    I had a little brother and yes, there was tormenting. ;-)

  5. MusingMom, yeah, that's not quite how it's supposed to go down.

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog and helping make my SITS day so wonderful! 6 children of your own AND you run an orphanage? you deserve wings and a halo!

  7. I don't have one either so I didn't have any personal experience. However, I have 4 kids and I do see this sort of thing all the time:)

  8. Ha, ha. I love that he was sacrificing his little sister.

    Brothers are great.


  9. Can't stop giggling about the turkey bone!! My sisters and I fought like cats and dogs! and loved like love birds! And... sorry... maybe rude?.. can't stop laughing at the nannies fears .. if you have never been around dogs... I can see the fear of a large one... lol!! I am a visual person! =)

    Just Jenn~

  10. My brother (older by 7 years) didn't tease me--I think he just looked at me like you would a pesky fly (if you were a dog):) It may be amusing for awhile, but if I get tired of it, I'll either walk away, or shoo it away. My brother and I developed a really close relationship by the time I was late teens, and though we've had our ups and downs, we are very close, even now. He even comes to me for advice and my opinion, especially about raising his son through the years (his son is now 19). We have chosen completely opposite life directions, but deep down inside we are so much alike, it's almost scary. I love having an older brother.


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