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Our Kids--Volume VII
Theresa came to stay with us the same day as Henry on Boxing Day, 2007. They are from the same little village about 1 1/2 hours south of us.  Theresa's mom died when she was 6 months old. There was never a father in the picture so her grandmother took care of her for a year before bringing her to us. The grandmother was worried that she would not have been able to look after her for much longer.


Theresa was one of the shiest little girls I've ever seen. She had a pretty hard adjustment learning to live with 'muzungus'. While we had been able to kiss and cuddle all the other new arrivals we had to give her time to adjust. 
My strongest memory of her first days/weeks with us was her sitting at the end of the dining room table. She would be eating her food but if any of us white ones walked into the room she would throw her arm over her face burying her eyes in the crook of her elbow.

 The kitchen staff still had a ways to go in learning about portion control.

Thankfully Theresa eventually came out of her shell and began entering in more to activities and allowing us to hug her and get to know her more.

She's still a very quiet girl who prefers to just get on with what she's doing and not have to speak much.


I had to teach the nannies how to encourage Theresa to grow up and be a big girl because with her cute little face and quiet demeanor she was getting away with quite a bit. I found out a couple months ago that the nannies were still dressing her when she was well over 3 years old. She would just act helpless and get out of work. I think this little face is going to be trouble when she gets older.


Every day she gets brighter and bolder.
It's wonderful to see the smile on her face!


Even though this photo is grainy because it was taken at night I had to include it because this is now classic Theresa. We had let the kids come out just before bed in their pajamas to watch some fireworks New Year's Eve. The look of delight on her face is a joy to behold!

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  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for coming by and commenting!

    Theresa is such a cutie with the sweetest smile.

    Your life must be very busy and very interesting.

    Drop by anytime. My door is always open.


  2. Bless you for the work you do! I could take them all home!! new follower!
    Just Jenn~

  3. Oh, she is beautiful! And it is so wonderful to watch her gradual transformation into a chubby, happy toddler through your photographs!
    Thank you for sharing her with us!

  4. What a cutie. A great story.

    There is an awarded waiting for you on my blog.


  5. Jessica MorrowFebruary 27, 2010

    Ha! She had more on that plate than I'd serve for myself! I love the last picture, the New Year's Eve photo. So sweet :)


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