Monday, February 22, 2010

Lend Me Your....


Annually either Tom or myself travel back to the States to update sponsors and raise money for our operating budget, needed equipment, or construction projects.

This year it's my turn. (Taco Bell Fresca menu--here I come!) I'll be visiting several cities in the U.S and showing a promotional video that Tom is putting together.

Every year we also print up a new brochure that highlights our family and the work we do at the orphanage and in the village. 

My dilemma is that last year our twin girls headed to the States for college and this year our oldest son will join them. I don't know what to do about the family picture we always put on the brochure. Do we only include the children that will still be working with us? or do we take a photo before our son leaves and then put thumbnail photos somewhere near the photo of the girls? or what?

  I hate to leave anyone off the picture. It feels like I'm denying the kids' existence if  they aren't in the picture. They worked hard to build this place and worked hard alongside us. And I feel cheated too, if truth be told; I gave birth to all six of those kids naturally, sans anesthesia, and I deserve to be proud of that fact! I can't imagine taking a photo with only 3 kids.

  On the other hand, if those older kids are no longer active in the mission's work we're doing are we committing fraud to have them on the brochure?

  What do you all think? Please give me your opinion.

P.S I updated the look of my blog and will be adding more fun stuff to the left side bar. Stay tuned.

P.P.S When I get to the States I will be holding a giveaway. Now we all have something to look forward to.


  1. Your girls are still with you in spirit, so I think it's alright to include them on the side as being in school. TJ was there all year, so he definately should be in the picture.
    And bless you for having all those kids sans medication. No one does it nowadays it seems. Such wooseys!

  2. I love the new design!! And your photo is really cute!

    About your kids' photos, the orphanage is a family operation, it's about creating family for the kids you take care of, and it's not fraud if you include your other kids who aren't physically present. Not at all.

    And I doubt very seriously that a single donor would be upset about it. So do what you feel is best. I know what it's like to be away from your family & those little things that let you know you're still included make you feel better & closer. So do it for the kids that are away, their feelings are the ones that matter most & the ones who will notice most if they're not in there.

  3. oooh, that is a tough one.

    I personally would include your son and two little side pics of your daughters with the comments that they are in college. Thier emotional support and strength has gotten you this far, doesn't that count as part of the mission?

  4. Love the new look!

    Maybe I'm sentimental but I'd include all the family. Maybe use a couple of pictures.

  5. Yes, you should definitely include a picture of all 6 kids! I think we are all interested in your oldest kids, too, and how they are getting along at college. It would seem more "fraudulent" NOT to include them in your family picture!

  6. Include the kids. If you need to, make a note saying they are away at school.

    Love the new look and the picture above. So happy!!!

  7. Definately include the kids. As you said they have been there building with you for years. Also they are now going back to college without having their parents close by so in a way they are still making a sacrifice for the good of the mission. I think that it is a family mission is part of its appeal anyway! XX Sandie - Australia

  8. Wow, guys, thanks so much for the help!

    I'll be sure to show you what picture we end up with.

  9. First, I love the new look! The top picture is wonderful.
    And B, you're coming to the states??? I just told Shawn this morning that you were one of my favorite cousins that I would probably never meet. I might get to meet you now???? I am so excited! Please let me know where and when so I can drive there. And anywhere within a 12 hour distance is fine with me.
    Oh, and 3, I think a group picture with the children that live with you and pictures of those that don't near it. They may not live there but they are your family.

  10. I agree. It's your family picture, which includes the three children whether they are physically in Africa or not.



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