Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Are We a Normal Family?

From as far back as he can remember, Tom has been a Sci-Fi fan. He devoured all movies within this genre and I believe has seen every one ever made all the way back to the old black and whites. He is anxiously awaiting the chance to watch Avatar. 

He, like any good dad, has encouraged his children to follow in this passion as well. We would regularly watch Star Trek: The Next Generation, when it came on every Wednesday evening. T.J (less than 2 years old at the time) would sit on the floor in front of the TV as the intro came on showing the Enterprise flying (drifting) through space and would quote along with Captain Picard: "Space". It was one of his first words. 
Tom is always on the look out for something sci-fi related to watch on TV and gets excited when there is a new series on so he can get his 'fix'.

All the boys are serious Sci-Fi fans (one might even say geeks--gasp!) too. T.J is reading War of the Worlds right and lamenting that no one has done the book justice in movie form yet. Timothy is writing a graphic novel set in the future. Troy builds robots, draws super hero comics and creates super hero costumes.
My oldest daughter is not exactly a trekkie but just ask her about Dr. Who. She is a self proclaimed Whovian. Obviously the apples don't fall far from the tree. 

I, on the other hand, do not exactly buy into this whole alien thing. I could take it or leave it and while I watched Star Trek: TNG with everyone--it was full of drama--I didn't care if I missed an episode. I didn't really care whether the Romulans or the Cardassians or the Klingons became kings of the world. Entities, hyper speed, alternate dimensions, who cares?

The other day my husband and sons were involved in an intense discussion about how aliens see us as unusual because the human race is divided. I was working at my computer and only halfway listening. Then out of nowhere I chimed in with, "I guess it looks like civil war to them." My husband and two sons turned to me with shocked expressions. I realized then what I had said. "What am I saying? I don't even believe in them."  My boys agreed. "That was weird, Mom."

It's like invasion of the body snatchers. Someone should come and save me before there is no hope left.

But then with the Academy nominating two science-fiction movies, Avatar and District 9, for Best Picture, am I the odd man out?

Reading back over this I think it may be too late to save me. I know too much!


  1. Sorry, Amy, I have to agree. You are in too deep :-)

  2. I'm also a science fiction fan (as are two of my three sons), but I hated District 9--too freaky for me!--and for some reason I have no desire to see Avatar, although my sons liked it a lot. Is your husband able to watch Fringe on TV? I am quite enjoying it! (My husband, on the other hand, doesn't get it at all!)

  3. hahaha....I'm right there with you, knowing too much! My husband is a sci-fi freak too, and he is doing everything in his power to pass that along to our daughter. I think we are needing some kind of intervention, maybe.

  4. Star Trek Next Generation. Pht!

    Yet why am I strangely drawn to Worf?

    I did not cry when Picard broke down in front of his brother after returning from the Borg. No, I did not.

  5. No, dear! You are not. And while I saw Avatar and yes, enjoyed it very much, I have never even heard of District 9.
    I guess if something is Sci Fi-ey, it has to have a SUPER good plot to it and be toted as phenomenal in order for me to be bothered.
    I'm guessing you feel the same way?

  6. Amy, I just heard that you and Tom had been ill. I'm praying that God will provide.

  7. Hello from Australia! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Best wishes, C :).

  8. Happy Saturday Sharefest! Great blog!


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