Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today my first born son turns 18!

It's a cliche but it really does seem like just yesterday when T.J was born in a little hospital in Mexico. He was greeted by our 19 month old twin girls.

He was a really cutie and a very good baby. This was helpful since by the time he was 8 months old I was expecting another baby.

I taught him early on to greet all the ladies with a kiss on the hand. Needless to say that was a hit!

In some ways he was almost too pretty. My second son was born when T.J was 17months old. This next son was all boy. People would take a look at our four children and comment that I must be glad to finally have a boy.

When he was three years old he pulled a table on top of himself knocking out his two front teeth. For the next 5 years he had that cute 'missing tooth' grin.

I could hardly recognize him in pictures when his teeth finally grew in.

Today he is a strong young man who would love to go into politics and who is passionate about history. He has a great sense of humor and a close friendship with his brother that is going to last a lifetime.

While he is idealistic and has very strong opinions (which teenager doesn't) I've been surprised sometimes to see his maturity come through as well. As an example: T.J is not an Obama fan. He has his reasons--don't jump all over this post if you disagree, please. But one day an email came round mocking Obama's healthcare planning using a picture of Obama as a witch doctor. Someone was laughing about it but T.J said that he didn't think it was right to send mocking emails like that because it drew attention away from the real issues. I was surprised and pleased.

I was sitting in the living room last night listening to T.J debate some topic with his dad. I marveled how God prepares children to grow up and leave the nest. Just a few short years ago T.J worshipped his dad and yet now, while he still respects his dad,  he feels strong enough and secure enough to express his opinions and disagree with him. He's ready to go out on his own now.


Happy Birthday, T.J!


  1. This is great! It was nice reading and looking at the pictures of his life so far.


  2. Happy Birthday. It is a cliche but a truthful one. My stepdaughter is turning 20 this year. Yikes. Another example of time flying by.


  3. Sweet Birthday post for your son!! I can only imagine my son being that grown up... I don't want to!! =)
    Just Jenn~


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