Monday, February 1, 2010

A Bit of This and That

I'm completely exhausted after our day of shopping. It was a wonderful day with most of our errands completed, shopping done, money retrieved from the bank, a visit with another missionary couple, a trip to the hospital with baby Peter (ok, that part wasn't wonderful--but spending the day with him was) and finally getting home 12 hours later to my grumpy kids. They were hungry and we had all the food with us. Poor things!

Because I'm too tired to be clever today let me share some links with you:

This is the original website my husband started for our family around 10 years ago. He's done a wonderful job with it. You can see some of our history in photos, look at the orphanage buildings and so much more. He's working on updating some of the kids' photos but the rest is still really good.

If you'd like to watch a couple of our promotional videos (we make a new one each year) you can see them here. My wonderful brother in law put them up for us.

I'm now twittering! Or tweeting. or something. Follow me: @amyinafrica and I will return the favor.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a story with you that will let you know that we are a very 'normal' family.

Until then, may God bless and keep you on all your personal adventures!



  1. I am off to follow you on Twitter!

  2. Popped in from HalfAsstic - wow, you're living a life and a half, lady!

  3. off to click on your links!ten years ago seems like an eternity doesn't it?

  4. Twitter??? I tried it for awhile, but just couldn't get into it... very boring and time wasting.
    I think it's boring cause you can't put pictures, and you can only post a little bit at a time... like your links to other posts. That's alright if you're a magazine or something, but just not for me.
    I'll stay with facebook... for now.


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