Sunday, January 3, 2010

What year is this?

When we first moved over here I had a hard time getting used to hearing the year  was said 'twenty-zero-two' as opposed to our way of saying 'two-thousand-and two'.

But really it makes more sense because we said 'nineteen-ninety-nine' but then all of a sudden we switched to thousands.

The other day I heard a guy say 'twenty-zero-ten'. We just jumped through hyper space and time and are now way into the space age!

Now my son says we have to say 'twenty-ten' as it's the most accurate.

What do you think?

P.S I just got my first spam comment. Does this mean I'm a 'real' blogger??


  1. I think twenty zero ten is VERY incorrect! That puts an extra zero in the equation!! It's gotta be twenty ten or two thousand ten..but no matter, we're all the way into the future!! Who'd think we'd get this far!!

  2. I used to think saying Twenty-whatever was a Zambian thing. Recently, I heard a reporter on an American news station say Twenty-ten. And I was shocked. Lol I'm becoming more used to the idea, and am finding that it does seem smoother.

  3. That has always made me wonder. It is kind of 9-1-1 and people saying 9-11 until 9/11/2001 happened. Congratulations on the spam thing. I started last week and that is what people told me. You have arrived.

  4. I am so two thousand ten. It's going to be weird to abbreviate. Oh Nine, Ten? I dunno.

    You are a "true" blogger when you receive spam, I guess. I haven't yet. I am jealous :-)


  5. I think of it as twenty-ten as well. It isn't consistent with two-thousand-nine though. Happy 2010, however you say it!

  6. yes, you have officially made it. Spam and all

    it's twenty ten... because chief said so

  7. Hahahaha! I have recently been told that "hate mail" in your comments is what makes you a real blogger. I don't know. ;-)
    I think "twenty ten" is easiest and guess that's going to be what we say.
    Sorry I've been out of the picture for so long, I've been out of town and hopefully will get my thoughts together enough to post soon.
    Happy New Year, Amy!

  8. Thank you all for your input. I guess I'll be calling it twenty-ten. Chief has spoken after all. :)

    Krissa, I sincerely hope I never get hate mail. Surely people love me, right?

  9. Ha! You know everyone loves you!
    Hey, who's chief??

  10. JoAnne, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) Chief is one of my blog friends. She has a blog that I read (click on her name to see), but it is a bit more 'naughty' than mine so proceed at your own peril. LOL (She'd get a kick out of me saying that.) She and her gal pals are the Skinny Chics in Sumo Suits that I highlighted in my 'Why Wait for New Year' post in December.


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