Sunday, January 10, 2010

She's a little Mimic

Because we are short on kiddie table space and don't have real highchairs yet we have rigged up this solution. Moriah sits on a child's chair and uses a chair as her table. Nathan sits in a booster seat with tray on the floor.

Moriah (14 months) is so impatient when it comes to mealtimes that she begins to squawk and fuss as soon as she is seated on her little chair. She has been taught to sign 'please' to help calm her down and teach good manners. The other day I reminded her that she also needed to pray for her food first. She immediately folded her hands and said, "blah da bumm da...blahhh" At the last 'word' she threw her hands up in the Hallelujah pose just like the preschoolers do each meal time when they say 'Amen'.

  The next day she did it again at her milk snack but this time her prayer went on for a really long time. Since it was all gibberish I have no idea for what or who she was praying but judging by the seriousness on her face it was an important prayer.

  I love watching the kids develop good habits and routines that will serve them well their whole lives.


  1. The kids are so cute. I came over from We Believe Blogs..glad I did. I really admire the work you're doing!

  2. My 4 year old has decided he likes to say the family prayers at the end of the day or bless the food. He'll start with "Heavenly Father" and then have a conversation with him. He'll talk to him about how nice it is to have forks and what they are good for, how T.J. is his best friend...

    Someone inevitably whispers, "And please bless the food!" He will and then we prompt him to finish in the name of Jesus Christ and he finally says, "Amen!"

    I'm actually thinking he's onto a very rich relationship with Heavenly Father.

  3. That is sooo sweet! I love it.


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