Thursday, January 28, 2010

Electricity Woes

We were without power for much of the day on Monday and then Tuesday it went off around 4 PM and came back on at 5 PM on Wednesday!

When we lose power for that long it is hard to get anything done. The kids can't work on their school.--It's computerized. I did have them play a math board game so that was good. They also read a lot on their own anyway so I don't worry about their brain cells melting.

I couldn't get any work done on my computer but I did clear off a desk. Yay me! When there is no power it feels like we all move into slow motion. We end up napping a lot and turn into sloths. It's a combination of the heat, the silence (no technology even making white noise), and the loss of momentum.

The reason for the long outage this time was a cut transformer somewhere in our province. When we called our contact in the electric company he said that they knew there was a problem but had to go look for the location but their only vehicle was 'not operating properly'. This meant a delay while they 'looked for transport'. Hearing this we were completely ready for the power to be out for 2-3 days. Ok, not ready like all prepared but mentally we were wrapping our brain around it.

 It was wonderful when the electricity came on when it did. We held our breath for the rest of the evening because usually we lose power every evening from 6-8 PM for load shedding. What this means is that other cities need the electricity more than we in the sticks do so they turn us off to save power. Thankfully, they had pity on us last night and we had electricity all night--it was low voltage until 9 PM (we should get 220V but often only have 90-150V) so we couldn't do much but at least the lights were on.

Added to this, I couldn't get Blogger to open at all on Firefox on Tuesday or then last night. Even this morning it's not working but I thought about using IE and voila! Anyway, this is just a quick note to explain my absence and I will have a real post up later today. This is all God willing and barring power failures, internet failures, storms, floods, famines (not really the last one although this diet is messing with my head).

If anyone has an idea why Blogger won't work on Firefox please send me an email. Thanks!


  1. I'm curious about your kids' computerized schooling. Our kids did most of their high school with an online Christian school for MKs, Northstar Academy. Do your children do something similar?

  2. GrammaMack, we use Switched On Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega. There is nothing to send in but we can easily print out report cards and the computer does most of the grading for me--I still have to do the essays and the open answers.

  3. Wow - to lose power every night! What time does it get dark there?

  4. It's completely dark by 7 PM but dark enough that we need to turn on our batteries around 6:30.


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