Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Candy Toss

Christmas was so much fun this year. 

We did our annual Candy Toss for the second year.

When I say we, I mean Tom and his helpers, T.J and Timmy.

They walked through the village with 3 pillowcases filled with 1500 pieces of candy. 

They would throw handfuls of candy up in the air and let the chips (or candy) fall where they may.

The kids scrambled and scrabbled for the candy. For many of them this is a rare treat.

Because we did the Candy Toss last year everyone was expecting it and a crowd had gathered before they even started.

As the walked through the village they had a few hundred people following them hoping to catch a piece of candy. Even adults got in on the game.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough for all 20,000 people so when Tom and the boys ran out of candy they had to make a run for it. Tom left Timmy with the last little bit of candy and ran for the car with T.J. They started the engine and as soon as they did Timmy threw the remaining candy far and away so the crowd dashed after it and then he took off after the car. He leaped up into the back of the car (injuring his leg in the process) and made it (nearly) safely.

A crowd of over a hundred children still followed the car up the hill to our property and surrounded it for over an hour chanting and yelling and demanding more candy. 

This annual Candy Toss is one of Tom's favorite activity. He doubled the amount of candy this year so I can imagine him doubling it again next year. It should be really fun.


  1. that is TOO awesome! I can picture them running like the dickens when they ran out.

  2. Ha! This sounds like so much fun... wish I were there.... well, the running for the vehicle sounds like it's better to participate from afar, ha!
    Better get LOTS of candy for next year!!


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