Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Adventure Journey to the Waterfalls

Today we have a guest poster. My 12 year old son, Troy, asked me to blog about his recent outing with his dad to the waterfalls. I told him that even my stellar (ha ha) writing skills weren't up to the task since I wasn't there. Actually I really just wanted him to write this for his school work. Pretty sneaky, right?

So, here in Troy's own words--his adventure with his dad.

Me and dad were driving to the bush. So, we were getting closer to the waterfalls, bu then we passed a man. We thought he was a hitchhiker. We stopped for him and he said he wanted to go to the falls but we all were really close to the falls so we went on.

  We parked the car and got out. Then walked to the bridge and saw that the river under the bridge was bigger and faster than before. We took a few pictures and walked on.

  I had the G.P.S and I was leading so then we were walking through this really tall grass! I put my right hand on the hilt of my knife because there might have been lions there. then we finally got past that tall grass and into the jungle. 

While we were walking we saw these really strange mushrooms . There were red ones, green ones, and white ones. Then we were walking through the jungle and there were so many reeds and vines. I took out my buck knife and while I did I sliced my finger! But it was only a small cut.

  Then we found a cave that had some rocks in front of it. Dad pulled the rocks away. Then we stuck the camera in the cave and saw these two round glowing eyeballs but we think they were mushrooms.

  We were walking then we started getting caught by vines and reeds. Dad got out and I took out my knife and cut the vines. We finally made it to the Morrow cave. We rested there. Then we saw the highest rock of the whole jungle.

  We saw a 4 foot wide flower and it was pretty big and red. Right next to that flower was a caveman's trap. It was a log and had a few sticks on both sides. We took a picture of it.

  We finally made it to the highest rock of the jungle. Then our adventures were done. 

On our way back we saw a small waterfall and pool. It was really hot so I stuck my head in it. It was nice, then we went on and came safely home.


  1. Great story, Troy! I enjoyed reading it and seeing your photos.

    (Also, Troy's mom, what a cutie he is!)

  2. Troy, your blog post is beautifully written. I wish I was there.

    Strange as it may seem, your adventures are truly amazing. My biggest concern is that a pigeon might lose its internal GPS and fly into my head. No lions here.

    Wanna see snow? Come on over! (It's white, wet and cold).

  3. What a wonderful work you are doing. Very interesting to read your blog! I traveled several time in Africa and always love to read about this fascinating continent.
    Found you through SITS :)

  4. Hi Troy,

    What a great adventure. I think if I saw two glowing eyes, I would have went screaming the other direction.

    I look forward to reading more about your trips.

  5. By the way, I have popped by from SITS.


  6. GrammaMack, thanks. I think he's cute too. It's hard seeing my 'baby' change before my eyes.

    Musing Mom, we don't have to deal with lions either, but imagining we do made Troy's father/son adventure more fun.

    Sandra and LisaDay, thanks for stopping by.


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