Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I used to be cool, didn't I?

The other morning while I was working and the kids were studying we listened to 70's music on our satellite radio. All of a sudden a song came on that took me way back in time. It was Fly, Robin, Fly by Silver Convection. 

Does anyone remember this tune. It was basically an instrumental with lyrics in the chorus.--Only seven words to be precise repeated over and over. Fly, Robin, Fly (3x's) Up Up to the Sky. Thanks to Google and Songfacts.com I now know that the reason this song had so few lyrics was because the German band's singers couldn't learn any more English than that. The song won the Grammy in 1975 for best R& B instrumental. 

The reason I was so excited about this song was because I used to dance to this song every week when I worked as a missionary in Mexico when Tom and I were newlyweds. Every time this song came on everyone would line up in two columns and we would take turns partner dancing up the center of the columns. Those in the columns would do a simple dance step while waiting their turn to be the center dancers. So much fun! I jumped up and did the dance for my kids to show them how cool their mom used to be. They were less than impressed. Hummm!

What song/s take you back in time?


  1. raspberry beret by the artist formally known as prince.

  2. Yes, dear! You really did used to be cool, no matter what your kids say! I can't tell you how many times I have run into that same situation. Especially when an old song comes on as a remake and they are so sure they no more about it than me. You should see their faces when I know every word to it! ;-)

  3. I was going to wait until tomorrow to send thanks to everyone for joining me on my SITS day but I HAD to say something to this post! I go back in time everytime I hear Come On Eileen by the Dexy Midnight Runners. LOVE that song!

  4. Lots of songs take me back...

    It's very embarrassing, but Hard For Me to Say I'm Sorry by Chicago makes me cry. Instantly.

  5. I was never cool. Neither was I hot. I hope that didn't make me lukewarm. :-)

  6. Mommakin, Hard For Me to Say I'm Sorry makes me emotional too!

    "Figure.09" by Linkin Park brings me back to my younger days. I heard the song recently and remembered a time when I knew all the lyrics. Lol

  7. I admit I had to google that song. Very interesting that they couldn't learn more than 7 words :-)

    Spandau Ballet has a song that brings me right back to the roller skating rink of my youth every time I hear it. I was a preteen or very early teen when it came out.

    "oh oh oh oh I know this must be trueeeeee"


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