Friday, January 8, 2010

Fab Friday Foto--Vol. IX

A traditional healer's roadside sign post.

Hebs = Herbs
Sugar = Diabetes
Purer Yellow and White = I have no idea!

This photo was taken by my good friend, Sanjay. We pass this sign on our way to and from the capital city.


  1. reminds me of some of the signs I'd see in the south! lol

  2. Maybe yellow and white refer to the variety of potato? But, WOW! Someone should call CNN and tell 'em someone found a cure for AIDS! @_@

  3. Bedroom doctor vs. Viagra?

    Tough call.

  4. Is diabetes much of a problem there?


  5. @Katie Wo Go
    Unfortunately, yes, diabetes is a big problem. A popular breakfast drink is ziggalo which is just water and sugar.
    Diabetes and high blood pressure are both very common and mainly caused by poor diets brought on by poverty and ignorance.


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