Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sundays in My City--A Royal Wedding (Cake)

We planned our Royal Wedding party for weeks. The menu was planned, the guests were invited, the events planned. Then! Disaster! No guests showed up.
Ah well, the show must go on. And at least the most important element was there.

The Cake!

I first saw this cake on Pioneer Woman's website and followed the link to a most amazing tutorial. Just wait until you see the surprise inside.

Jasmine and I worked hard on the cake for 2 days. It was and is wonderful to work side by side with my lovely daughter and see her develop into such an amazing young woman.

Tim just has to ham it up for the camera
My boys wanted to get in on the action. Can someone tell me how they got to be so huge?

And here is the inside of the cake. So much fun to have that exciting view inside a plain white cake.

You can go here for the tutorial but very quickly, here is how we did it. We baked two red velvet layers, and two white layers and then placed them on top of each other straight out of the oven. This created one tall layer. Next we used a bowl and a cup to cut concentric circles out of each cake. We ended up with two rings and a center circle from each cake.

After cutting them out, we alternated rings and then stacked the two cakes on top of each other. This gave us the checkerboard effect rather than just the vertical stripes.

After frosting the cake with a crumb layer and letting that chill a bit, we piped over 5 cups of buttercream icing in a 'rose' pattern all over the cake. I say 'rose' because seriously we had no idea what we were doing.

But, I think it turned out all right? Don't you? It tasted fantastic too!
And since we had no guests, we all ate a TON of cake. 

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  1. The cake is gorgeous! The icing roses look beautiful and the center is a wonderful surprise.

  2. Congrats on the cake. Very beautifully done. But tell me, why didn't the guests turn up???

  3. Gorgeous cake, and the checkerboard puts it over the top..awesome! I wasn't too interested in the wedding but I would have come to your party just for the cake!

  4. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I'm LOVING your cake.

    First of all - - - having "sojourned" in the south for 12 years, I ADORE red velvet. Secondly, that rose piping is just adorable.

    I'm thinking you had to do A LOT of work for that cake, and I wish I could have come to take the place of some of those "guests" who didn't show.

    Remember the parable where the wedding guests don't come and the master of the feast sends the servants out into the streets to bring in guests to take the place of those who didn't show?

    I'll be one of the "street guests."


  5. Wow, you did amazing work & that wedding was all I had hoped for & more!

    Hugs & love,

  6. AnonymousMay 01, 2011

    I think that next time you need to host a royal wedding party we will all come, even if it is via blog hopping or similar! I love a good cake, especially one made by beautiful talented people with so much love.

  7. Oh my, that cake is absolutely beautiful looking, and I'd love to get a piece of it (would you like to send me one?) ;)

  8. Wow that is one amazing looking cake!! I don't bake at all, well I don't like anything sweet, my kids are the same way so when I bake something like Rice Krispies no one eats them, I guess that is not baking, I tried X Mas cookies this year, not fun, no one ate any! Stopping by from last weeks comment hour! I followed you on GFC too :-)

  9. Lovely did a great job!
    I Love your blog, you live such an interesting and exciting life!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  10. I am upset for you that you made such an effort and noone turned up. But that cake is very special. Good job!

  11. Wow - beautiful job! And it looks delicious too :)

  12. Gorgeous cake! Very well done. Crazy guests, not showing up... did they know about the awesome cake??

  13. Oasado Phaya welcome it as well. But with all due respect to you I am anti-monarchist world. I cordially thank his adventures in Africa.

  14. The cake is beautiful and it looks delicious!! I would've shown up if I were there!! What a blessing your children are too. :)

  15. That cake looks like heaven. Especially, since it combines my 2 favorite cake flavors.

  16. That looks so yummy! Y'all did a fabulous job! And what a neat idea for the wedding...wish I had thought of that :)


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