Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Come See What's New

There are all sorts of new things happening around here.

Today I took a deep breath and decided to change my comments on the blog. I'm now the proud owner of the Disqus commenting system. What does this mean for you? It should be easier for you to log in because you can sign in with your own Disqus account, a Facebook or Twitter account or just as a guest.

Then, when you comment, I'll be able to reply to you--right on the blog (and via email if you add your email address) so we can have a better conversation and everyone can see answers to common questions.

I'm really excited about that!

Then, bolstered by my Disqus success and with the encouragement of my friend, Tina, I did something I have been putting off for months and months. I changed my header!! No longer will I squirm with embarrassment at the sight of my little picture sitting all by itself off to the side.

Now I have a real header. Of course, it's not perfect. I understand that. Remember, my graphics guy is away. He's promised to help when he gets back. But, it's much better! Right? 
If you are reading this in an email or reader, you'll have to click on the title of this post to be directed to my blog.

And now, on to the biggest new thing of all!

Well, not really big, but it's big news......

Let me introduce to you:


I'll tell you all about her on Monday. It's gonna be interesting. Now, head on over to comments and leave me a nice one on my spiffy new system.


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