Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

round button chicken


My kids captured a picture of this bird in the field next to our house.
I have no idea what it is? Do you? 


I'm sorry to do this again, I know I already posted about it, but this picture just makes me so happy! Eight years ago, baking cakes for my kids' parties would give me anxiety attacks. Look at me now!


Can that pouty lower lip get any bigger? Peter didn't want to be in the playground with the other children. He wanted to come up to our house. Have you ever seen a more pitiful sight?


Troy was playing with the dogs on Monday and fell right on his hand. One of my fears in living in the bush is broken bones because there are no competent orthopedists out here. We'd have to travel by bus for 17 hours to get to a hospital that I'd trust to set a broken bone. Thankfully, it was just a badly sprained wrist and seems to be healing up just fine.


  1. Love that cake- can I have it for breakfast? Sorry to hear about Troy, but glad it was just a sprain.

  2. Oh my, I could NEVER resist that lip. Too cute.

    Yay, for no broken bones!

  3. Great photos! Your guardian angels must be working overtime out there in the bush! Don't forget to thank them :)

    And your cake is gorgeous! I don't blame you for being proud of it!

  4. I would put that cake up too! Very nice. Adventures, indeed.

  5. Oh what a sad face! And such a lovely cake!

  6. My mother-in-law calls that face "the petted lip" and man alive, I would not be able to resist one like that!!

  7. When visiting my parents in Florida, any unidentified bird was a Florida bird. My guess is your bird is an Africa bird.

    Love your cake... nom nom nom

  8. I love the bird, but don't know what it is. Love the cake, too - a very unusual design, with those big roses. I hope Peter is happy now!

  9. I'm thinking CAKE! I make birthday cakes for my kids too. They aren't that great, but I think it's fun and they always get eaten so that's got to be good.

  10. AnonymousMay 06, 2011

    Can someone please hug Peter? He has grown even more cute. Maybe you could try to hug Troy too, but as far as I know he still runs faster...

    The bird is probably a Cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis).

  11. I love your photos! What an amazing life you have! That cake really is beautiful. And, I love the sweet pouty face. How could you resist. :)

  12. You have a happy cake too! I love it all. What a beautiful and varied life. I understand about the broken bone fear, although we have the miracle of modern medicine very conveniently near. You have the courage of trust, my dear.


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