Saturday, May 7, 2011

Trust in Me, Just in Me*

I haven't written about snakes for nearly two months. It's about time, don't you think?

Thursday morning I got up bright and early so that I could have some quality Skype time with Tom. A few minutes later, Timothy walked in. As any of you with teenage boys know, this was a rare occurrence. The sun has to be high in the sky before my boy gets out of bed willingly.
Sure enough, he said he'd been woken by a staff member reporting there was a python in the rabbit hutch. Tom spoke up from the Skype screen and said he didn't believe it. Finding a python alive is pretty rare. Timmy insisted it was a python and Tom demanded proof. 

Bless the makers of the digital camera, the laptop,  the internet and Skype. By using all these mediums, a seventeen year old boy gained some pride and confidence that morning. Sure enough, it was a python. Below is the picture that proved it.

Tom was so jealous. I told him he was welcome to fly back and come see it for himself. He declined this invitation. Something about needing to fulfill his speaking obligations, yada yada.

The next several minutes were spent discussing the best way to catch such a large and powerful snake and also, how and where to keep it until Tom returns.

Once Timmy had received his marching orders, he suited up by wearing work gloves and a long sleeve shirt. He also grabbed a 10 inch hunting knife in case the snake wrapped around him--he'd be able to stab it and force it to let him go. He insisted, however, that he was perfectly fine being barefoot. Huh! 

By the time we got to the rabbit hutch (yes, we!--I was drafted as the photographer) the snake had moved. 

Timmy and Enock (our gardener) positioned the metal drum just so and began poking gently but firmly at the snake with sticks and the snake grabber. Tom had been very specific about moving slowly and not angering the snake.

After doing this for a while and seeing no progress, Timmy said, "Gentleness be hanged, I'm gonna get me a snake" (or something like that--I may be paraphrasing), and he grabbed onto the snake's head with the snake grabber and pulled it into the drum. 

That was one unhappy snake. The lid was placed on the drum and taped and tied down. There is a breathing hole at the top and Mr. Python has since been fed a large rat. He may not be a happy snake but he'll be well fed.

"Thank you for saving us!"
You're so welcome, little bunny!

*In case you didn't get the reference, Kaa (a python) sang this song on Disney's Jungle Book.

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  1. Wow!!! You have the most amazing things happening around you!
    I love that he was brave enough to just forego being gentle and slow and just using the snake grabber to wrestle it in the bucket!! Brave boy!!

  2. And will you be keeping it alive until Tom returns so that he can keep it as a pet? *shiver*

    You were very brave, going in there ...

  3. Hmm...i'm not sure I could be convinced into being the photographer for that event. I'd like to stay far away from that. The internet is SUCH a neat invention, and it allows us to stay connected despite being so far apart.

  4. Wow, brave photographer! I imagine that may have been a first for Skype, communicating about a live python in a rabbit hutch. :)


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