Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Not the Only One Missing Someone

The other day, Peter came into our room for some mommy-time. I keep one of my favorite pictures of Tom next to my desk. Peter took it down and chattered about "Daddy and Monkey" for a while

Then I handed him Tom's little key chain Lego guy and he was very happy with that. He kept pointing to the hat and saying, "Daddy, Daddy" over and over again. 

Two years ago, when Tom was in the States, he visited a Lego store and found this little guy for his key chain. It's Indiana Jones and aside from the geeky shoulder bag, it is quite close to what Tom looks like.

The following year, I decided I needed my own mini-me. I don't have such a distinctive style but I settled on this female character from Prince of Persia.--Not because she was wearing a cape (obviously!)...but because her lovely brunette hair was braided so beautifully. 

So, the other afternoon, Peter was playing happily with his little Daddy Lego guy, when all of a sudden, he leaned down and kissed the little Lego man. I guess he misses Tom nearly as much as I do. Eleven days to go!


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