Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whirlwinds and Whirlpools

I'm sitting at the Dallas airport on my way 'home' to Houston after a whirlwind visit in West Texas. It was wonderful but jam packed. Not that my schedule is about to settle down anytime soon. This evening I will be speaking at a church . Before that I will be helping my son open a bank account, packing, renting a car and shopping.

Tomorrow I'll be driving 10 hours to Alabama to meet with a church and also a friend. The next day I'll drive to Louisiana (stopping to visit the French Quarter) and will speak at a church there on Sunday. So much to do and only 10 days left in the States. Yikes!

As I sit in the airport I pray that the weather holds. Last Friday as I passed through Dallas there were storms and tornadoes all through Texas. The airport in Midland/Odessa was closed and most flights out of Dallas canceled. Thankfully, my sister was able to pick me up so I could spend the night with her. Otherwise I would have ended up in a hotel. The airline would not pick up the cost of the room either. According to them it was an 'act of God' and therefore out of their hands.--As my friend said, "Oh, so now there's a God!" ha ha

My time in Midland/Odessa was absolutely wonderful! I have a special place in my heart for these two towns and look forward to visiting them each time I'm in the States. I got to visit with many good friends. I also met many new ones and got to attend an informational  meeting planning a possible trip to our orphanage next year! So exciting!

Everyone was so sweet to me and spoiled me completely. My hostess has a lovely home and the guest room had a whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub. Oh. My. Goodness. What a treat!

I will keep in touch the best I can. 


  1. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    what a busy lady....try and rest as you do your hectic schedule;)

  2. My husband and I had the longest conversation about you the other day. Occasionally, he visits people's blogs who've commented on one of my posts... and I think your mention of Africa must've drawn him in. :) We talked about how the work you and your family is doing is so beautiful and touching. We're inspired by your efforts to bless and truly help people in need.

    Safe travels to you, friend. Thanks for everything that you do - for everyone. Can't wait to read more of your adventures...


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