Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Update with Amy....

Ok, so it isn't really the weekend yet but these pictures are from last weekend so it totally counts!

I'm really behind in blogging and am determined not to let it stress me out. [picture me deep breathing here]

Here are a few a bunch of pictures from last weekend--some things I was up to. Enjoy!

My BFF Natalie invited me to spend a couple days with her. Her boss let her use this waterside condo and it was so peaceful and restful. 

I can totally get the appeal of shelling out big bucks to have a get away spot when I see this view. 

Here Natalie had told me to strike a 'sexy' pose. Ahem! Clearly I have a future in modeling, don't you think?

 For lunch we headed to an old fashioned boardwalk called Kemah. This place has really grown over the last decade. When we first started going there it had a few restaurants and carnival style booths but now it has an amusement park and many boutiques. Really a great place to visit.
After this fun we headed to her house. I got to see her darlings. When did 13 year old boys get so confident? This young man was born in my house. I could not believe how big he'd gotten.

Natalie's youngest was not so sure about the mad woman with the camera. I sure wish I could be around more so that I'd be Auntie Amy to this little one and not a complete stranger. :(

Saturday morning I attended a ladies' brunch. Two young ladies from this church will be flying back to Africa with me for a month. Hopefully they'll like it and be able to end up working with us for a year. I'm hoping and praying.

All the tables were decorated with different themes. I was really impressed by the creativity.

This one was my favorite. I don't know if this came from a had a mystery feel to me...or maybe it was just someone's personal collection.

I spoke for just a few minutes here (see honey, it's not all fun and games) because there was a main speaker.

Unfortunately I didn't get this lady's contact details (bad blogger, Amy) but she spoke about God's grace and how we have to be willing to let God work in our lives and go through tough times if He is going to make something special out of us. Good stuff. I loved how she kicked off her shoes at the beginning because her feet were sore.

I had a funny thing happen while at the boardwalk with Natalie. We were walking by the water and a little boat with an older man went by. Natalie said something that I didn't quite catch and even when she repeated it I was still puzzled. "Fisherman Gordon" was what she said. I asked her if we were having a cultural breakdown in communication (she's half English) but she laughed and said, "No, the fishsticks guy!" Oh, therein lies the confusion. See in Africa we still have to spear our fish out of the creek.

Ba Dum Bum! Thank you very much! You've been a wonderful audience.


  1. You crack me up!! I love the pictures, especially the ladies luncheon. Such pretty tables...

    Can't wait to see you in Vogue :-)

    Have a safe and happy weekend in my neck of the woods!!

  2. Sorry I couldn't meet you on this trip, Laurie. It would have been fun!

  3. Jessica MorrowOctober 26, 2010

    Great first picture Mom! I didn't see this post until just now. All of them are good pictures. Wow, I thought Dylan was older than 13. Huh. :)


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