Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Was a Concert Virgin*

April 30 I was invited by my friend, Natalie to join her and her father and aunt to attend Celtic Woman. I had heard some of their music before but wasn't really familiar with it. I was mostly excited to be able to attend a concert!

16 years ago my husband was given tickets to the Rodeo to see Reba McEntire perform live. I wanted so badly to go but I had an earache. I have no idea how we would have found a babysitter for our 4 tiny kids on such short notice too but my ear was the main reason I stayed home. Tom sweetly offered to record the concert on a little walkman (remember those?) but it really couldn't capture the magic.

All that to say I was so very excited to be able to attend my first concert ever!
At the last moment my friend's aunt was unable to attend the concert. Natalie called friends but everyone had plans. Not wanting the ticket to go to waste I called my other BFF Debbie even though I was sure she would have too much going on. To my surprise she jumped at the invitation. Turned out she didn't even know who Celtic Woman was but had had one of those days at work and dearly needed a night out. 

From the moment the show started I was absolutely caught up in the magic. Beyond my love of Irish music, beyond my love of good singing and especially harmonies, this group has something really special. There is such joy that comes through their performances.

I was especially impressed by Mairead Nesbitt, the fiidle player, who leapt across the stage with grace and beauty while playing the fiddle with impressive skill. We were under the impression for a while that she was 50 years old and were amazed by what she could physically do. It turned out that she was only 35. I say that like she was a spring chicken. I'm just barely past that age and there is no way I could leap across a stage at all much less while playing an instrument.

Mairead Nesbit performing Reels
But the part that really touched me was the joy that she radiated while playing her music. She looked like a little fairy or sprite dancing and playing and I saw how life can be when we find joy in what we do. I see that in my friend Debbie. She is a principal for a large public school and works really long hard hours but she loves the kids and her staff so much that her work is blessed. The kids love her. Her staff love her. She has one of the best schools in this city because she knows that God has called her to this task.

Another thing I really enjoyed was that the women performing were 'real' women. One young lady had larger curves and yet she rocked the stage. I wish we had more performers that were classy and ladylike and sexy and comfortable in their own skin. Think how much better the world would be!

Spanish Lady  I loved the playfulness of this song.

Celtic Woman performed one of my favorite songs. It inspires me every time I hear it

If you ever get a chance to see this group in person, please do. It is well worth it.

*Think how much fun google search is going to have with this title.


  1. I adore Celtic Woman. I haven't had the chance to see them live yet, but hopefully someday.

    I love love love concerts. Unfortunately they are so high priced that I don't often get to go. But they are magical!!

    I am glad your first time was wonderful :-)

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    so did you go to the concert this April 30th 2010!!??? if you are wondering why i say that is because i was at that concert too!! congrats on your first show!! mine was a few years ago but i still remember it thanks in part by these wonderful and talented ladies!

  3. Not that I'm trying to one-up you or anything (but I totally am) but do you remember the 80's band REO Speedwagon? Back. Stage. Passes.


    Don't be alarmed if I appear to be about 41 in the pictures. That kind of takes away some of the thrill knowing that I was middle age by the time I got to go to a really cool 80's concert.

    Let's keep focusing on backstage passes, shall we?

  4. Anonymous, IT WAS! We were at the same concert! How cool is that? We may have been sitting near one another. or we may have chatted in the line for the ladies' room.

    Musing Mother, thanks for totally one-upping me! Backstage passes!! So cool! Of course it would carry more of a sting if I actually knew who REO Speedwagon was.... LOL! I grew up overseas, remember? So, 80s culture is foreign to me. I didn't even know what Madonna sounded like until my 21st birthday in the 90s.

  5. I looooove going to shows. Since our little dude was born, we haven't been able to go to as many. SIGH. My first concert was Tiffany and NKOTB!


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