Tuesday, May 4, 2010

America Land

I love America--I always have. Even growing up around the world and experiencing different cultures I feel most at home here.

There are some things though that irritate me. The extravagance, the waste, the feelings of entitlement. When you grow up seeing other sides of the world and knowing first hand what true need and poverty it can be difficult to adjust to the 'me-first' mentality that seems to pervade American society.

I see too, though, the incredible generosity of Americans and how they pour out their love and material things in times of need. 

So, like so many other things in life, it is not clear cut. 

I got to spend two days with my very dear friend. I've known her a very long time but she is not an old friend.


We ate Indian food. My friend said that we are 'all the time Indian-food lovers' as opposed to people who just eat Indian food when they are in the mood. We both spent time on the Indian sub-continent.

The next day we went shopping at a mall. Clarification: I looked--my friend shopped. We went to a cute shop filled with children's clothing. My friend scooped up a bunch of great sale deals. As I waited for her I browsed the selections. What cracked me up was the yoga clothing for toddlers--complete with spandex for comfort during playtime. Yes, folks, I am in America!

I'm in Dallas right now meeting up with friends and family (including new cousins). I rented a car and drove up from Houston. As I was driving I saw a sign for exit 753. "Oh, cool", I thought. "We only have about 70 miles until our exit # 824". Sure enough, seconds later we passed a sign saying: Dallas 71 miles. I love how the highway systems are logical! Yes, folks, I am in America!

I have so many things to tell you about--all my exciting adventures visiting friends, meeting cousins, seeing sisters, ATTENDING CONCERTS, all the work I've been up to, GPS systems, and on and on the list goes. I hope to get to it soon. 

There are only 26 days left in the States for me. Let the panic season begin!


  1. Enjoy your time.


  2. I'm glad you're having a nice time and getting to meet up with old friends as well. I hope you accomplish all you set out to do!


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