Monday, October 26, 2009

Who Needs Starbucks?

Most of our friends, in the northern hemisphere, are now enjoying fall weather--settling into their cozy homes near fireplaces, sipping warm drinks, eating hearty fall fare like pot roast, scalloped potatoes, vegetable soup, and apple crisp. Oh, how I love fall!

We, however, are currently melting in the blistering heat that is October.
Zambia has 3 basic seasons: warm and wet--November-March, cool and dry--April-July, hot and dry--August-October. October is the very hottest of those three months. The dust is thick from all the months with no rain.

In the afternoon when we are parched and sweaty we love to mix up a batch of frappes.

Here are the ingredients.

First, put half a tray of ice in the blender. Add 3 heaping spoons of coffee. On top of that pour half a can of condensed milk.

Add a cap of vanilla. It smells so good. If I had almond or caramel flavoring I might try that.

Blend it all on pulse setting in 10 second bursts until the ice is crushed and all is blended.

Add one cup of skim milk to give it a healthy feel after all that condensed milk.

Dump in another tray of ice. Blend it all up again. Keep blending in pulses until you don't hear chunks of ice hitting the blades.

At this point it is all thick and icy. So delicious. I usually pour it into a pitcher and do a second batch. Mix them all together and then pour into pretty glasses.

The perfect answer to a hot afternoon.

While Starbucks would be a wonderful treat (hear that Starbucks' management? Open one in Zambia!) until then we'll be ok with our own homemade Frappes.


  1. Well aren't you inventive! I have three Starbucks within a few miles of my house but it is only for 'special treats'. I had one Monday before a field trip with Reagan. You are saving a ton of money by making them yourself. $4.93!!! I wonder if I have any sweetened condensed milk...

  2. Can you be a Southern gal and NOT have sweetened condensed milk in your pantry?


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