Saturday, October 24, 2009

Absentminded, perhaps?

“They’re clueless!”

I hear Peter Perfect on The Style Network proclaiming this and I heard it on Tamara’s Salon Takeover as well. It sounds so harsh and rude to my ears but as I learned the other morning it might just be the truth.

As Tom and I prepared for a day of shopping we puttered around the kitchen grabbing a bit of breakfast. We discussed how the power had gone off the night before and was still off. This has been a long power cut, we mused.

I began to gather ingredients for my morning drink. Opening the freezer I noticed a glass drink bottle. “Oh, Tom, you left this in the freezer last night. Good thing the power is off. That way it didn’t freeze and explode.”

Reaching into a ziploc bag I saw that with the power off my banana was no longer frozen. Oh well, it would have to do.

I tossed that in the blender and moved to the fridge to get the skim milk. “It sure is hard to see in here with the light not working during power cuts”. Pulling out the milk I wondered whether it was still good despite the fridge being off. It seemed to be, so I poured it in the blender over the banana.

Next I found my natural peanut butter and dumped a spoonful of that in with the other ingredients. A few drops of vanilla. Yum!

All was ready for my morning smoothie. All I needed to do was plug in the blender….


Sadly this is not the first time this has happened.

Yep, she’s clueless, folks.


  1. Funny! (We once went six weeks without electricity after a hurricane. It took me about that long to finally stop automatically reaching for the light switch when entering a dark room.)

  2. Jennifer MorrowOctober 25, 2009

    Lol, nice. We've all done that before. :)

  3. Ha ha.. it's nice to know the absent-minded tribe lives on! My mum kindly attributes it to genius :-)

    Thanks for your comment.


  4. Just LOVE this column...

  5. Our blender works with gas ... !!! ?

    God bless.


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