Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Identity Confusion

Last week we had visitors come spend a week with us. Gray and Esther are a young couple planning on starting their own charitable project here in Zambia. They wanted to get some ideas and input from us and we were happy to oblige.

While here Gray and Esther also worked hard on putting together and installing our new drip irrigation equipment for the garden. We want to get plants in over the next couple weeks so they'll be well established when the rains start up for real.

Esther is a psychology major and has worked with autistic children for years so I asked her to evaluate one of our little children. Thankfully she said that for now we don't have anything to worry about with her. It was a relief to hear that and I also learned some of the signs to look for as well as the good skills to watch for.

When we first met with Gray and Esther in Lusaka we thought that Gray and T.J (our 17 year old son) had some resemblance to each other but didn't realize how much until they came up here.

When T.J came out of his room the morning that Gray and Esther arrived, little Johnny (3 years old) came running up full of excitement after meeting the new visitors.

"T.J, T.J, there are new people! One T.J and one other one!"

Poor Gray had to deal with kids calling him T.J all week.

So, what do you think?

Here's Gray.

Here's T.J

And here they are together.

Even one of our close friends got confused. We picked her up on the way to the waterfalls (where these photos were taken) and she got in the car and said, "Oh, hello, who are you, new girl?" We were all, "Umm, that's a couple." She said, "No, T.J I know already." Crazy!


  1. They do look similar, but it could just be the hair, facial hair, and glasses. Give them a shave, haircut, and contacts and then repost photos. :-)

  2. I agree, I think it is the accessories and colouring, more than anything.


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