Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moriah Memory

Moriah Memory
Our Kids--Volume II

Just over one year ago we were relaxing in our living room on a Sunday morning when a man burst through our door begging us to help him. Our house is usually our private sanctuary and people respect it so we knew this man was desperate.
He told us that his granddaughter had just died in childbirth and left behind a little baby girl. We calmed him down and told him to bring us the baby. Later that morning he (along with his wife) brought this beautiful little girl who was only 12 hours old.
It turned out that the couple who brought the baby were the great-grandparents. The baby's mother and father were teenagers--just 17 years old. The father couldn't leave school and would not have had the resources to raise a baby on his own.

This was our first newborn and it was a completely different experience. In order to help the baby bond I took care of her almost exclusively for the first couple months.

We like to have our new tiny babies sleep in a little laundry basket. It was cheaper than buying a bassinet and helps the baby feel secure in a smaller space. It is also easy to pick up and move to different parts of the house.

Wasn't she a beautiful baby? Her family asked us to name her so the kids chose Moriah (the mountain in Genesis--not the pop singer). Later Moriah's family also added Memory to her name.

Moriah's first Christmas was when she was nearly 3 months old. She was like a little life size doll for my kids to play with.

6 months old

7 months old

8 months old
--Am I terrible to think that she is going to need good tweezing skills?

Sharing a smile with T.J

Happy Baby

9 months old
Poor baby--the local staff don't pay attention to gender typing in clothes.

She's walking!

Happy Birthday, Moriah!


  1. Jennifer MorrowOctober 25, 2009

    Aw love the picture of her smiling with T.J.! Her smile is so beautiful! I'll mention here as an extra tidbit that T.J. came up with the name of Mariah, and Mom changed the spelling to Moriah.

    Pink looks really good on her. :)

  2. Much more femine than the blue jacket!!


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