Friday, October 30, 2009

Fab Friday Foto--Volume II

Don't you wish you could get away with this still.

Little Henry didn't find The Wizard of Oz as entertaining as the older kids and just fell right to sleep.


  1. Jessica MorrowOctober 31, 2009

    I got away with it Math class :D Poor guy, how much sleep is he getting anyway?

  2. He's at that awkward age where he doesn't really need a morning nap anymore but then can't make it to the end of lunch for his nap.

  3. Jennifer MorrowOctober 31, 2009

    Aw...Henry looks so big! I just glanced at the photo over Jessica's shoulder and thought Henry was Elias. Such a precious photo. <3

  4. I always slept through Algebra II, but now it's through some of the police movies that my husband LOVES to watch..
    Don't worry, Amy, you'll be able to do it again some day...

  5. Fantastic photo. Henry looks so peaceful. I would like to do it that right now.



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