Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Word Contest

Last Monday we had Family Game Night. Out of three choices: Yahtzee, Boggle and Rummikub the winning vote went to Boggle.

The game was a lot of fun and educational too.
To even the playing field I only allowed myself to get points for 4 letter words and higher. This allowed the younger players a greater chance of gathering points.

What made us laugh most was that some people (who shall remain nameless) kept writing down random collections of letters that they were sure were words and insisting I look them up in the dictionary. Every round had about 5-10 words that we had to look up in our large collegiate dictionary.

Lo and behold, out of the dozens of nonsensical words we found 3 new words. I am going to write them below. If you know the definition tell me.

The commenter with the most words right will win a beautiful African cloth called a chitenge. If no one guesses any of the words I will choose a random comment.
We will be operating on the honor system--no Google or dictionaries allowed.

The contest will run for one week. You have until Wednesday 8 AM CST, November 4 to post your answers. I will announce the winner by Thursday 8 AM CST.

Here are the words:

1. hoy

2. gib

3. lase

Have fun!


  1. Let's see-

    hoy-Short for 'hoy-puloy'. A non offensive word to use in circumstances of stress.

    gib-Shortened from the word 'giblet'. Most Southeners can't be bothered with saying the whole thing.

    lase-Just a fancy way to spell and say 'lazy'. Some people have to be snazzy in all situations.

    So, how'd I do??

  2. Excellent! if this were a contest in hilarity! Love it. Stay tuned.....

  3. These are all mathematical terms...

    hoy - 1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie

    gib - rotational symmetry of big

    lase - a function in space geometry reflecting zero as the missing space


  4. Jessica MorrowOctober 29, 2009

    Hoy--A type of wheat

    Gib--The corner of a table

    Lase--Old British spelling for Lace :P

  5. Jennifer MorrowOctober 31, 2009

    Hoy--the name of that Egyptian priest in Prince of Egypt

    Gib is to gab what zig is to zag.

    Lase--a small slice, as in laceration.

  6. Hoy--the interjection used when one is punched in the stomach.

  7. Well, I remember reading the word, "hoy" in old books... I think it's more of a British word. I think of it of sailors saying, "Hoy, mate.".....Maybe I'm wrong. I didn't use a dictionary... fun stuff!!

    Oh and how about gib.... like she was full of gib... gibbish... kind of like laughter... LOL, I'm really out of practice!!



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