Thursday, April 14, 2011

God Has a Funny Sense of Humor

So, it was last Thursday or Friday when I had a visit from the electric company and they informed me that they would be doing work on the only  line running into our area of the province and therefore, power would be shut off every day from 8a.m to 6 p.m for about 20 days.

I resisted the urge to panic, made a plan, changed my schedule around in preparation, and wrote a blog post about it.

Monday dawned bright and early and since I hadn't yet switched to working nights, I got up early to get as much work done on the computer as I could before the power was cut. 

Eight o'clock came and yet the power remained on. Figuring this is nothing new in a region that operates on 'Africa-time' I kept right on working. When the power finally got shut off, I was going to be ready.

The morning hours ticked away; the afternoon passed without a hitch, and so did the evening.

Here we are four days later and not only have we had electricity every day, we have not even lost it at the 'usual' evening hours for what America calls brown-outs, Zambians call load-shedding, and we call foul.

So, either God has a wicked sense of humor (I know! not possible! at least the wicked part), or He wanted to test me to see how I'd do with a little pressure. 

Or, it could just be Murphy striking again. If we hadn't been warned about the power outage and made all those preparations, the power would probably have gone off. With us being all ready and armed with a plan, it just wasn't fun for Murphy anymore.

In reality, it probably is just a case of TIA* again. Most likely they ran out of gas money, or someone had to attend a funeral, or they misplaced the paperwork.

Either way, I'm a happy, happy girl. And, I'm keeping those plans I made ready and waiting.

*This Is Africa

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  1. Too funny! Enjoy the electricity!

  2. We had a similar saying "TINA," my name of all things! Ha! "This is not America."


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