Monday, September 9, 2013

Challenge Accepted

Yesterday I finally got a chance to bake Troy a birthday cake even though his birthday was back in August. He and I celebrated it while down in Lusaka. Now he needed a cake.

I saw the one below online several weeks ago and Troy said he wanted that one for his birthday.

It was featured on (Open that link at your own risk--not necessarily safe for work) as a failed project. The original cake looked wonderful.

I was pretty sure I could do better than the attempt below.

Last time I was in Mansa I stocked up on KitKats (worth their weight in gold and nearly as expensive--Yikes!) and Smarties (like M&Ms-NOT the same at all!). But, since I can't throw a party for my kids and invite all their friends over, I throw my efforts into cakes.
(I guess my kids can work out their food issues with their therapists in the future...ha ha)

I baked our regular chocolate cake in two layers with strawberry jam in between, and did a simple vanilla buttercream frosting. Then it was assembled with KitKats around the outside and the top was covered with Smarties.

It worked! I ended up with exactly the right amount of KitKats. Whew!

Troy was happy! That's one of the most important thing. And, it so happened that yesterday was Jasmine's birthday so she got to have a picture of a cake. I'm sure this lovely picture was just as good as the real thing, right?

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  1. prairiemotherSeptember 09, 2013

    You did awesome! I definitely would have had a huge fail if I had tried that! Happy Birthday Troy and Jasmine!


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