Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catching Up

  • I realize I didn’t write all last week. I just couldn’t get it together to write. Not with the tragedy that was happening in Kenya. I didn’t have words to express how heartbroken I was over the situation, or how scary it is for us to have that happen so close to us. How could I spend time writing about my adventures when something so tragic was happening right around the corner from us.

  • While Kenya is a couple countries away, the mall that was attacked sounded exactly like the one we frequent in Lusaka. In fact I’m writing this note from just such a place. Life can't stay on hold. We just have to operate in prayer and awareness. 
  •  I’m currently spending a few days running errands in Lusaka. I took the bus down on Friday after we completed our shopping in Mansa. I’ll be posting pictures of that bus ride later.

  • One of the reasons I’m down in Lusaka is that the rainy season is on its way and we have to make sure our back up system for electricity is ready. I’ll be buying six new batteries which will give us six hours of power should we lose power from the electric company.

  • We’re still working through the ranks with the mumps episode. Every day or two another child, or two, comes down with the mumps.
  • We thought Troy had had them back in August because he had swollen glands around the time that another child was sick, but now he has them for real. Thankfully he realized right away and went straight to bed so he is resting and protecting the rest of his glands. It meant that he missed out on this trip to Lusaka (we wanted to give him a break and a chance to hang out with young people), but there is a youth group retreat coming up in October. Hopefully he can attend that.

  • Two more of our children, Theresa and Ernest, committed their lives to Jesus today. I’ll share photos on the Kazembe Orphanage Facebook page soon. 

  • As you can see, it’s still busy as can be in our little corner of the world. However, I’m going to try write for 30 minutes each day and will post as often as possible. I would love to commit to a writing schedule as well as a posting schedule. What days do you prefer to read blogs? 
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  1. prairiemotherSeptember 29, 2013

    Our prayers are always with you that you are all safe. Prayers to all the mumps kids too, especially Troy :)

    I try to read blogs/email/FB first thing in the morning after my kids leave for school. I don't do much online on Saturdays. Sundays I catch a bit if I'm not super busy.

  2. I hope everyone feels better soon! Was the mumps vaccine not available? Lots of healing thoughts for you all.

  3. AmysAdventuresSeptember 30, 2013

    All of our kids have been vaccinated. At different times, with different batches. We're not sure how this outbreak has come about.

  4. Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope this is a one-time fluke.

  5. Thrilled to read 2 more of the children have come to know the Lord!


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