Sunday, September 22, 2013

Strange Things Are Happening

September is typically the first truly hot, hot month. August is the beginning of our hot, dry season, but by September you know for sure that hot season is upon you. You begin to count down the days to the rainy season which starts around the middle of October or at least by the 24th of October which is Zambia's Independence Day.

The days are dry, and hot and dusty. 

However, earlier this month we began to see clouds in the sky. Volunteers asked if it was overcast and perhaps about to rain. No, we assured them. Rain is months away.

Later that day it rained. Not for long and not very hard, but a definite rain. Our Swiss and German volunteers told us it was because we had food leftover after dinner the night before. Apparently the myth in both their countries is 'food leftover after dinner, rain the next day'. I'm not sure I've got the translation right, but that's close.

We laughed at the strange weather and life moved on.

But, the next week it sprinkled again.

And then, today!

Thunder, lightning and a real drenching.

Three times today the skies opened.

Even the old people in the village have no idea what's happening. They are completely confused and don't know what to do about planting now. Should they plant now? Or is this a fluke and are rains still a month or two away?

Something else that comes with rain has me squirming.

Bugs, bugs and even more bugs. I'm not sure you can see them all in the photo, but trust me. They were swarming.

And, of course along with the bugs come the predators. The scorpions! We've already found three. I'm not at all thrilled.

On days like this I'm tempted to believe in the little thing called Global Warming.

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  1. Rains? Now already? This must make for a panic frenzy in the boma! I dearly hope for you and the people in Zambia it is just a fluke indeed.

    Say hi to the spiders on steroids for me. My mom doesn't envy you at all for the moment.


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