Monday, September 2, 2013

I Yam What I Yam

Whew! It's been a long break. I certainly didn't intend to be missing for so long. Isn't that a common refrain here? Maybe it should be my tag line: Now You See Me, Now You Don't

I headed south to Lusaka over two weeks ago for a special training session. I originally thought I'd have evenings free and that I'd be able to do blogging and crafting. Not so much. I'll write more about this exciting 'back to school' adventure later.

When I was in the States this past spring I visited with one of Tom's uncles. The topic of my blog came up and I commented (partly joking) that i was falling behind in my writing. "Yes, I've noticed," he said, "I guess you've run out of things to talk about". Not at all! I have so many backlogged adventures I could be writing forever.

Those who follow me on Facebook saw my drama-filled statement that as I headed down to Lusaka I was wrapping up one of the worst 24 hour periods of my life. A friend commented that since I've faced some real doozies in the past, this must be serious. And, it a way. In another way it was just a lot of stuff crammed into a short time period. I promised to write a post about it, and I truly intended to--still do, but I didn't have internet. I apologize if I frightened anyone. I'm OK, and I will tell the 'rest of the story' soon.

Tom was out of the country for the first three weeks of August. Since I had to travel down to Lusaka for the previously mentioned classes I was only alone for one week. I wasn't even that alone because a little bitty mouse lived under my bed. During the dry, cold season field mice tend to move indoors. I called our dog in (Harley's a great mouser), but the tiny mouse eluded her.

Another mouse lived (OK, still lives) in our living room. One night as Troy and I watched TV (while Tom was away), we saw the mouse climb up on the coffee table. It looked around and twitched its little nose in the air. It was kinda cute. I began to wonder if I was not actually frightened of mice after all. I had existed for a week with one in my room (not that I could do anything about it, and I didn't have anywhere else to go, but still) and now there was one in full view in my living room.I was a little fascinated by it.

Then Troy touched my arm.....

.....When I peeled myself off the ceiling and my heart was beating normally again, I realized that I actually am afraid of mice after all.

I would love to be someone who is brave in the face of creepie crawlies.

I would love to be someone who blogs come hell or high water, or power failures, or lack of internet access.

I would love to be less of a drama queen.

But, I am what I am.

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  1. Heather EslingerSeptember 03, 2013

    We lived in an old farmhouse for about three years that was surrounded on all sides by cornfields. Every fall after harvest and all winter long I fought the mice. Yes, they have a right to live and be warm and all but I really didn't enjoy sharing a house with them!! I feel your pain!!


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