Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too Many Words

Internet was just restored Wednesday evening after being broken for nearly 3 weeks. Thursday morning I had to set off to Mansa for our two day shopping/errand running adventure, so today, Saturday is my first chance to really catch up on all that I'd like to do or desperately need to do on the interwebs.

I arrived back in Zambia June 9. I dropped my suitcases and trunks off at a friend's house and immediately jumped back into life in Africa as I frantically ran around shopping and completely business errands before shops and offices closed for the weekend. There was no time to give in to jet-lag. The following morning I boarded a bus and headed home. My stomach rebelled a bit at all the travel, which made for a slightly more- uncomfortable-than-usual trip, but mercifully I was able to sleep most of the time. 

Arriving back at the orphanage on Monday morning to the sights of my 2 lovely teenagers, my 23 African children, 7 volunteers (some new and some familiar), as well as our staff members was wonderful and overwhelming.

We also had some guests visiting so I tried to hold it together and not fall apart. I thought about how nice it was in the 'olden days when crossing an entire ocean and continent took 3 months--not 3 days. Not that I'm complaining exactly but the speed of travel these days can make you feel a bit dizzy. It's surreal.

The internet was already causing problems when I returned and then quit for good just a few days later. 

If I were a truly dedicated blogger I would have been writing daily and saving it all for the day internet worked again, but sadly I found other things to do--things like catching up on 4 months of payroll slips and taxes and bills and receipts. It looked like the beginning of April for a few days last month as I sat on our couch holding my computer with Excel loaded up, surrounded in crumpled slips of papers and receipts trying to decipher and account for the expenses of Kazembe Orphanage from March to June, while watching mindless television.

Now that I've been away from my blogging platform for longer than I'd like to remember it will take some time to get back into the swing of things. 

I'm looking forward to it though. So much happened over the last few months. So much continues to happen. Just because I stopped writing it down doesn't mean the adventures stopped. To the contrary!

While I begin to pen (or type) my stories again, I will leave you with a couple links. 

Sarah is one of our volunteers (she's also my cousin) and she has been diligently writing down her experiences. Enjoy them here!

Meg is a familiar name to readers of this blog. She has written a few posts here. Her post called The Smoke that Thunders will make you go, "Huh??" That was an adventure!!

Until next time, may God bless and keep you on your own adventures!


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