Saturday, July 21, 2012

Back Stories

Are you ready for another installment of Randomness from Amy's brain?

Whenever I watch a particularly unique or captivating commercial or advertisement, aside from crying (usually), laughing (often) or getting caught up in whatever item is being peddled, I wonder and am amazed by the idea of the ad.

Who thought it up? What made them think of it? Did they have a random idea one day that led to that entire campaign? Was it a group of people in a room brainstorming? What set off the thought process that led to the chain of events that produced this touching/amusing/captivating ad?

I love the creative process. It might be part of being a woman and enjoying the tangle of yarn that is my brain. One random thought leads to another to another to finally deciding to make cupcakes for dinner. Viva la feminine mind!

And so, after I watched the following video, I immediately wanted to know who came up with this idea? what were they thinking? and hooray for them!

And then I wanted a Coke Zero*. Good thing I have one chilling in the fridge right now.

*This is not a paid advertisement. Coca Cola is doing fine on their own. However, should Coca Cola like to show some appreciation to a long time fan, I would not turn down a lifetime supply. Just sayin'.


On a semi-related note: last week I posted a video my son made and that he had loaded on Facebook. Unfortunately, due to privacy issues not all of you could view it. I will be working to fix that as soon as I can. And, my son would like you to know that he is 14 years old, not 13. Where have the years gone??

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