Monday, July 9, 2012

Spidey Powers

It's no secret that our house is a geeky one. And now that our house has grown to include many new little ones has given my husband and boys a whole new group to 'convert' to their geeky ways.

So far all the kids have watched all six Star Wars movies. We have playing cards with the Star Wars characters on them and the kids will point out Chewbacca and Mace Windoo in their little, lispy voices.

Troy has given the kids Jedi lessons and fashioned light sabers for them. Lessons in when one can use

Other Super Hero movies have been watched and rewatched also: SpiderMan (Numbers One and Two) and Green Lantern to name a few. 

SpiderMan is definitely a favorite among the boys. 

This led to a very interesting (and nearly disastrous) event one morning shortly before I returned from the States.

As Troy passed by our courtyard he noticed the children all grouped around something. He decided to investigate what was going on.

In the very center of the kids was Johnny. There on his outstretched hand was a small spider. When Troy asked what he was doing, Johnny explained he was trying to get Spider Powers. 

Troy explained that it was just a movie and besides, the spider in the movie was a special spider and Johnny's was just an ordinary one. "Yes," Johnny said, "that's why I was looking for an evil one!"

Oh, dear!


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