Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shiny and Sparkly

Months and months ago (nearly two years ago, apparently) I saw a handy idea for jewelry storage. It was posted by Creative Junkie*. It was so long ago that I had to run a search for the original post. Not having access to a Michaels or Hobby Lobby or any crafty store, I made a few adjustments to the design.
(*Side note: This blogger is a provocative writer--I enjoyed the idea, I take no responsibility for the words attached to it)

A few months went by, and I finally got organized enough to start the project. I wanted to do it as a mother/daughter activity. Jasmine and I found some wood and got our handyman to cut two squares out. Then we covered the wood with a neutral fabric and added a strip of patterned fabric to the bottom half.

And that is where my creativity ended. I didn't get organized to finish the project. I had all the hardware I needed, but the wood was hard and my resolve was not, so the project stagnated.

A couple more months went by, and we 'found' the project during a room clean up. It was moved to Tom's workshop where it was promptly lost again.

A couple more months went by and Tom rediscovered the project and all its pieces. Joy! It was moved to his worktable.

Then, a few days ago, I was working at my computer when Tom walked in with the finished product. I was overjoyed! It's always a good day when something you set out to do is completed by a helpful elf (AKA loving husband). 

I immediately hung it on the wall and placed my jewelry in their proper places.

And here is the final display:

Isn't it beautiful? Tom said it looked much better than he imagined. "Like something wealthy!"

And that is a wonderful thing indeed!

Exactly Two Years Ago: I'll Be Home for Christmas--how technology has changed how we celebrate Christmas.


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