Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

Christmas Day we started the day early by holding a party for the kids at 10:30 in the morning. After all the suspense building through December, we knew the kids couldn't wait any longer.

I started off by reminding the kids what Christmas was all about and how we gave gifts to honor God's greatest gift to us. 
My kids really love the 'magic' and fun that surrounds Santa and they're excited to share that with the little kids.I told the kids that Jesus lets Santa help bring presents to them.A happy compromise? I don't know.....but it worked for us right now.

Timmy then told the kids that we had to call Santa to come with the gifts by reading Twas the Night before Christmas. When he got to the part at the end "....and to all a goodnight!" Santa burst through the door carrying a huge sack of presents.

Moriah took off running to the other side of the room in fright, but she was easily calmed and was more than happy to go up to get her gift once she figured out what was going on.

Janet--4 years old

Chola--6 years old

Lizzie--23 months

Ernest--5 years old

Johnny--5 years old


The kids then dug into their presents, ripping paper off and pulling out their collection of toys. Each child received a Beanie baby or two, and a car or small toy or doll depending on if they were a boy or girl. 

Grace (9 mos.) was more interested in the tag than the toy

After the gifts, out came the party elements: streamers, silly string, party poppers, Christmas crackers, candy and cookies--twenty children all strung out on sugar and Christmas joy is a sight to see. 

I hope you all had as much fun in your holiday parties as we had at ours.

Unknown Mami

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