Monday, January 16, 2012

Africa's Next Top Model?

The other day as we sorted through donated clothes, we came across the most adorable outfit for a baby girl. It was a sundress, with matching hat and diaper cover. Adorned with red, white and blue stars and stripes, it would be perfect for the Fourth of July, if that were actually a holiday over here.

Anyway, we couldn't wait to dress Naomi up in the teeny-tiny dress. Still slightly big for her, we put it on anyway. And then, of course it was time for a Photo Shoot!

She looked so beautiful with the backdrop of the green grass. The sun hat covered up her bald head and made her just a bit cuter.

Then, as I stood her up to take another shot, the excitement of playing Baby Super Model proved too much and she was visited by the Ghost of Milk Past. 

Even with regurgitated milk on her face, she's adorable. Don't you agree?

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