Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning How to Pause Life for a Moment

JDaniel4sMom has a nice weekly feature about slowing down and learning to pause life for a moment. She invites other bloggers to guest post. I was supposed to share a post ages ago, but somehow life never slowed down long enough for me to get to it. How's that for irony?
So, I'm happy to finally be guest posting there today.  Please go and have a read.

Those of you with small children should look around her blog. She has really nice ideas for preschool activities. There are even a few giveaways to enter--just don't win, 'cause I'm trying to. ;)

If you have clicked over here from JDaniel4sMom's blog, welcome! Thank you for visiting my corner of the world. Be sure to come back tomorrow and I'll share photos of how we cook when there is no stove available.


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