Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh, Johnny!

Johnny is one of our brightest children. He is quick and intelligent and really picks up on things around him. You've read about him before and I believe he will be featured again. He's that kinda kid. :) Because most children in this culture have the curiosity beaten out of them, we love that the kids we are raising here at the orphanage are free to grow and develop naturally.

Unfortunately this can also make for some funny or awkward moments.

We have a team of volunteers from West Texas visiting with us this week. A couple of the ladies are....let's say well-endowed or curvy. Johnny walked right up to one of them and said, "You're very fat!". She took it well and just said, "Well, yes I am".

One of the projects the ladies are working on this week is Vacation Bible School for 100 children from our village. We have never brought this amount of children into the property before and the kids who live here have been pretty isolated. We divided the children into two groups--one group of 50 for the morning session and the other group of 50 in the afternoon.
The first day when all the kids came pouring into our courtyard Johnny looked around and said, "Who are all these dirty people? and why are they all speaking Bemba*?"

We are glad he has learned right and wrong--clean is good--and has confidence to ask questions. We now have to teach him compassion for others and tact. Definitely tact.

*Bemba is our local language and all the kids speak it fluently with their nannies but speak English with us. Johnny couldn't understand why the new kids weren't speaking English with the American visitors. It's been good for the kids here at the orphanage to interact with the community more this week. We hope one day to have a chapel on our property so we can open our doors for church and the kids living here will have more of a chance to give and share what they have with others.

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