Saturday, August 6, 2011

On the Road Again

...And Other Randomness

Since June 1st I have traveled up and down to Lusaka 3 times. That's over 102 hours of bus travel. Add on the 32 flight hours I logged in June and it is a wonder I have a tailbone left at all. And now I'm about to head out for the fourth time.

This has been our busiest summer of all time. Monday morning we welcome a team of 8 people from West Texas. We've known many of these people for years and are so excited that they get to see our project up close and personal for the first time.
They will be working here at the orphanage for 1 week. In the plans: Vacation Bible School for 100 children in the community, electrical work, fence building, and a special event for the daughters of our staff members. Exciting!

Sunday I say good bye to Zeger & Monday I also say goodbye to Meghan. We are only saying 'until next time' though because both have decided to come back next summer. I'll share more about that soon.

My camera memory card died. I've been bad about taking pictures and even worse at getting them off my camera and onto my computer in a timely manner. I'm still trying to find a solution but I may have lost nearly 500 photos. :( I'll have to beg, borrow & steal photos from the volunteers that were here over the summer. 

Please pray for safe travels for me, the team coming over and Meghan and Zeger. Thanks.

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