Friday, August 26, 2011

Two by Two

Earlier this month I finally got my hands on a toy I've been wanting for years. A hand carved Noah's Ark set. 

I've seen them for years at the little markets in Lusaka but they always asked outrageous prices. This time the vendor wanted $80 for it. I told him I was willing to pay $20. He refused. No problem. I walked away. I've waited this long, I can continue to wait. For the next hour or two, as I explored the market with Meg, this same man followed us around and kept making lower and lower offers.

No, $20.
No, $20
No, $20
Finally, he got down to $25. 
Seeing his willingness, I did my part and came up to $22. Sold!

I love that the pieces are a mix of African animals like lions, hippos, elephants and crocodiles.....

and farm animals--things we have right here: ducks, chickens, and rabbits. My favorite pieces are the turtles.

The first time Tom and I showed this toy to two-year-old Peter, Tom said that the Noah and Wife were Mommy and Daddy. Somehow this didn't quite work for Peter as he began calling them Jesus and Mommy. 

Tom also thought there should be a baby Peter to match the mommy and daddy so he called the  turtle Baby Peter. The name stuck and now as Peter digs through the animals he hunts for Baby Peta. One of these days we'll have to set him straight....

The entire time he played he just wanted to put the animals in and out, in and out. Once they were in and the ark was closed, he began pushing it around the table with a 'vroom vroom' sound. I had no idea that the ark was equipped with an outboard engine.

Playing with the kids is one of the perks of my job. I love it!

(Almost) Exactly One Year Ago: For the Win


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