Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sundays in My City--Alliteration

AKA My Day in Pictures

Delicious Donuts

Wonderful Waterfalls

Fun Friends

Beautiful Baby
There is a story to go with the above picture. Joseph was wearing that particular onesie as an apology to Tom. What could a newborn possibly have to apologize for? Well, let me tell you what happened.

It's no secret that Tom is not a baby guy. The fact that he is my co-worker in this life of saving babies makes him my personal hero. But let's get on with the story.

When I sat down next to Tom on the couch to watch TV, he was not crazy about the fact that Joseph was sharing the space with us. I promised Tom he was just drinking his bottle and would be no trouble at all. Famous last words.

Five minutes later, after Joseph had drunk his first ounce of milk, I sat him up on my lap to coax up those precious baby burps. Seconds later, Joseph began retching and gagging a bit. Before I could react, up came every last bit of milk. And, of course, the projectile vomit hit the most likely target. All down the front of Tom's shirt. Joseph's aim was so perfect that his own clothes were still perfectly clean. Tom just got up calmly to go change. He didn't even shout.

So, as Joseph's Tee proclaims: Tom totally rocks!

Unknown Mami
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