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Our Kids--Volume V

After taking in our first two orphans in October, 2007, we thought we had won the support of the community but a month and then two went by with no new children. A volunteer from the U.S joined our team and since she had come out specifically to help care for babies we felt we were letting her down. Our 10 cribs in the cheerful nursery seemed to mock us.

Then, Christmas Eve arrived and with it a man  whose wife had just passed away the day before after a month long illness. He had his 5 month old baby , Janet, with him. He had been trying to feed her with a bottle but as a poor fisherman he had no way to continue to buy formula for her.

This was the first time I had come face to face with such raw grief. It hurt to look at him. Because Janet was starting to show signs of dehydration I told her dad we would look after her for a week and he could come back to us with a decision about what he wanted to do.

For the kids in our care we become their guardians until they are 18 years old. The family is required to sign paperwork to that effect so that the kids don't have to be moved around at the whim of family members. Some orphanages have had trouble where a child will be dropped off but as soon as it is old enough to beg or work in the fields they want the child back with them. If a relative has a hard time making ends meet they might want to give the child up again. This is all very confusing for the poor children. 

We ask the family to carefully consider and then sign guardianship over to us. They are encouraged to come visit every Saturday so that the kids can learn about their family.

Grandma Connie, our wonderful volunteer, took care of Janet from the beginning.

Janet had a funny habit of blowing bubbles that caused spit to go over everything. We had a bib for her that said 'automatic sprinkler'. It fit her to a T.

Laundry baskets were the easiest way to hold small babies. The sides helped keep them upright so they could learn to sit up and there was plenty of room for toys.

Janet loved Grandma Connie and was sorry to see her go when her three months were up. Jasmine took over her care and Janet was very attached to Jasmine from that day forward.

The pool feels so good on hot summer's day

Janet is one of those kids that seems to have such an old soul. When she looks at you sometimes you wanna ask, "What do you see, darling?"

I'm really excited about watching Janet grow up and develop into a young woman. She has changed so much since we took her into our home nearly 2 years ago. Who knows what God has in store for her?

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  1. What a beautiful young lady you are raising!

  2. the smile is worth it though! She is beautiful.

  3. She's adorable and you are an angel! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day it is nice to meet you. Have a wonderful holiday season :)

  4. What a wonderful story!

    You do such amazing work - keep up the fantastic job!


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