Saturday, December 19, 2009

My TaTas are Tired!

We just got back from our long trip to Lusaka. I'll write more about ours and Chola's experiences tomorrow.

The road down has some stretches that are just covered with potholes. There are parts where you can't even swerve to avoid them but have to go through them. Sometimes we would misjudge the depth of a hole and ka-blam! Even approaching slowly meant a pretty good jolt.

Then there is a stretch where the road is good but every 50-100 kms (30-60 miles) there were villages where the government put 10 small speed bumps at either end of each village. Even slowing down, the car still went bumpity bump bump bump.

On this particular trip up and down I was suffering from the effects of that time of month which is to women worldwide as the full moon is to werewolves.

A particularly nasty side effect is extreme tenderness in a certain portion of my anatomy. Combine this with much less than smooth roads and I have just one thing to say:



  1. Welcome back from your trip!

    Though not funny (the bumps to your girlie parts) - it did elicit a chuckle cause I get it (southern TN back dirt roads!).

  2. Oy. Not an experience I'd enjoy.
    (Thanks for the 6 day reminder, btw - as if I'm not freaking out already! ;))

    Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!

  3. Happy SITS day to you too!!

    What an exciting adventure you live- even the bumpy parts. :)

  4. hahaha

    I had this too until I got the breast reduced.

    now its just my numerous stomach rools that flop

  5. At least you have ta-tas.

    I complain, yet, radiology still finds enough under my arms to squish for my annual mammogram.

    Okay, I'm a liar. It should be annual but I keep putting it off.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! What a trip, what a ride. Amy, you tell it so funny, though I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time.

  7. Where are those speed bumps? I'm not remembering any, which leads me to believe they may be newish.

    By the way, since I'm finally commenting, I'm enjoying your post sana, although it's making me a bit homesick. There are lots of things I'll add when I get the chance, since there are so many stories that are exactly like mine, of course, Zambia is at least consistent in its inconsistencies. And some that are much more fascinating than mine, like your stories of growing up.


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